New Transcendence era started with DAO voting

Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is newest implementation on Transcendence blockchain. Developers decided to took step forward and after huge busy work in the past months form DAO team.

List A is formed and voting for this list will last 14 days. Also DAO team will have 3 months to prove their capability of managing tasks. Voting will be made on Transcendence dashboard which latest release can be download from official github:

Once elected list A DAO members will have responsibilities on various tasks.

ZenH2O (Listing and Exchange Manager)
GrumpyDev (Dev)
Bugala (News + Gamedev)
Allanon (Dashboard + Gamedev)
Lucky7 (Articles + PR + Design)
Tybiboune, newby, GünterFaltin (Logos + PR + Articles proof reading)
BitCoin_Bond_007 (Listings + Project Manager + Master of the schedules , Mr. Let it whip)
Craxee (Logo videos)
Kaiser182 (Coding)
RunningWilson, Tybiboune (Social media manager)

Follow Transcendence on social media and join our community discord to stay informed about progress:

Official forum:

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