Transcendence progress made buzz again! Highlights and report

Note: Article published at Oct 21, 2019.

A month has passed since the preceding report on the progress of the Transcendence blockchain. In the meantime, several important events have taken place and we’ve dedicated entire articles to them and describe the events best we can in order to give our readers as much information as possible.

First of all, the most attention and interest have been caused by the xMINER we’ve written about in the previous article, then our text about all the wallets available to Transcendence blockchain, the insurance and warranty of the devices and services you can order, and the very important growth rate analyzed in one of the previous articles.

Transcendence progress never stops

Evidence that supports the truth of this claim is in continuing, daily updates by transcendence developers that deal with new developments where the Transcendence blockchain plays an important role. Very often some new listing, adopting or significant cooperation with other blockchains or companies happens.

TELOS on PolisPay app

Teloscoin has been added to the list of PolisPay applications. PolisPay enables the integration of cryptocurrencies into everyday life via their payment system. With the help of PolisPay it is possible to send and receive cryptocurrencies quickly, easily, convert cryptocurrencies into real money, as well as use their Mastercard prepaid card in everyday life (currently only for Mexico).

At the moment, using the Teloscoin and the PolisPay app (Android or iOS) you can buy voucher codes. Polis is currently working on debit cards and soon within their app users will be able to convert coins.

WhiteBit exchange listed TELOS

WhiteBit is an exchange platform with a significant reputation. This can be seen in their large market cap ( as well as in an enviable ranking in the top 100 markets.

When registering on the WhiteBit exchange, a KYC verification is required to ensure smooth trading. WhiteBit also received a very high C + rating by Mozilla standards compared to most F-rated exchanges.

TELOS is traded on WhiteBit against BTC and USDT, which is the first time TELOS has traded for Tether (USDT).

You can use the Transcendence referral link to register:

Update on future Bluebox devices

A little update to all future orders of Bluebox devices implies that each device will have access to Bluepool.

First of all, each Bluebox will get access to the Bluepool as soon as public mining becomes possible. Every part of the Bluepool will get a share of so-called bubble miners (these are miners like xMiners in colocation which mine 20% for the Pool). This pool share will be shared with all members independently from their hash rate. So someone with 100 Blueboxes will get more from this 20% than someone with one xMiner. Another change is that the colocation fee goes up from 10€ to 30€ for new orders. And if you pay a Bluebox with telos you get a 30% discount.

The calculator for XBTX and for all Bluebox miners has also been updated. The first is for TELOS and just below it for XBTX:

MNO added all Teloscoin tiers has also added the remaining 3 categories of masternodes so now all the TELOS statistics on their website are complete

Tier 1K:

Tier 3K:

Tier 10K:

Tier 30K:

Tier 100K:

As a new TELOS wallet UI is in the pipeline, it will be listed here:

Cryptocurrency Checkout added TELOS

Cryptocurrency Checkout makes accepting multiple cryptocurrencies as easy as entering wallet addresses and copying some code into a website or application. Payment Gateway gives customers the option of multiple ways to pay: 1-click payments for desktop wallets, Scannable QR codes for mobile devices, and manual input so it can be paid directly from Exchanges. Service keeps all coins completely decentralized and in peer to peer manner by allowing customers to pay directly to any personal wallets or addresses and without fees.

From now on, with the help of Cryptocurrency Checkout service, the payment method on your website or webshop can be TELOS.

TELOS listed on Midas investment platform and InstantBuy

Established in January 2018, Midas is one of the most reputable names in the masternode space. We are excited to announce the listing of TELOS to Midas and Telos endorses the Midas service.

TELOS has been listed to Midas platform and InstantBuy, and will be listed to the upcoming Midas exchange and AutoSell.

Midas platform

Zero fees: Invest in TELOS with zero fees on the Midas.Investments platform by activating the MIDAS Lock-in.

Instant Share: Receive rewards from the instant share node to begin generating rewards immediately — no waiting, no fuss, no delays.

Automated platform: Have full control over your investments. Automated regular payouts, deposits, and withdrawals along with scaled reinvestments make the Midas platform the #1 management tool.


Purchase TELOS directly on the Midas platform through InstantBuy to receive your investment and begin generating rewards immediately.

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