Transcendence blockchain roadmap — New view on crypto roadmaps

Note: Article published at Dec 23, 2019.

A roadmap is a strategic plan that defines a goal and includes the major steps and milestones needed to reach it. It also displays comprehensive plans of one cryptocurrency project for future growth in all their stages and predict completion date ranges.

Created to attract potential investors and customers, eventually to create excitement around business growth, roadmap is typically served as eye catching visual aid.

There are numerous kind of roadmaps nevertheless in cryptocurrency world a few are most typical: Product Roadmap, Technology Roadmap and Project Roadmap.

New view on crypto roadmaps

Many people agree that roadmap is a very important aspect in development of one cryptocurrency project. People who are interested often request a roadmap in order to get acquainted with the development plan and other details.

However, not all crypto projects have a roadmap. Not because they do not have a specific product, but if project has a huge number of use-cases it is very difficult to make a detailed roadmap that contain all information on the development and plans of each product individually.

Transcendence blockchain is one of these projects, and may be the only one. Over 40 use-cases cannot be described in a simple roadmap that could be scroll through in minutes. Such an roadmap would require planning and documentation for each product with all details. And finally, such a roadmap would be too many pages, perhaps more than a hundred.

1. Teloscoin (TELOS) wallet

Branch 2.x, targets for 2020.

  • Voting about collateral, rewards, increasing transaction size limit from 100 to 200 kb
  • Developing Magnet links to Transcendence Cloud (Storage and Computation as a service)
  • Update Wallets accordingly to voting and magnet links (Hard Fork)

2. Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) wallet

Targets for 2020.

  • Release of iOS and Android wallets with support to create and manage Assets “on-the-go”

3. XBTX Assets

  • VEND — Token for vending machines
  • CO2 — Token for Greenbox
  • KUDOS — Token for ProFitCycle
  • BILBO Token

4. General Updates

For services accepting TELOS and XBTX

  • Build-in arbitrage trading
  • Tax reporting
  • Development of On-chain blockchain analysis and fraud prevention

5. Transcendence Cloud and Transcendence Wallet

  • Build-in KYC AML5 compliance, Masternode hosting and hash-power rentals in wallet
  • Re-branding AmiCloud to Transcendence cloud
  • Merging indieGO store and Transcendence Cloud and Multi-coin wallet
  • Merging MinxAI trading bot and Bitdorado API into Transcendence wallet

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