The first of its kind, BLUEPHONE — Blockchain phone who will make all your crypto dreams alive

Note: This article is originally published at Sep 9, 2019.

From the beginning of 2019, there have been a few announcements regarding the development and use of smartphones that would contain blockchain. Some of the projects have stopped developing, some are still in the development phase, while the market thinks that the idea of a blockchain smartphone is very attractive.

Most crypto enthusiasts would be very happy to own a blockchain smartphone because it would give them everything they had always wanted, but also more than that.

This technology has the capacity to provide passive earnings to anyone who owns such a smartphone while continuously using the device itself for calls, sms, internet and applications. Until now, this has not been possible because major manufacturers of mobile devices and operating systems (primarily Google) do not allow the use of crypto. However, the change has already begun …

Transcendence blockchain and BLUEPHONE

Like some blockchains that have a proper development with a steady growth of presence on the market, Transcendence blockchain is constantly facing new challenges. The very rapid development of technology and blockchain itself requires to keep pace with the progress.

BLUEPHONE is the next big blockbuster Transcendence project that is already at an advanced stage of development. In addition to the already existing projects that have been accepted and used on the market for a long time, such as BLUEBOX, PEERTORO, …, BLUEPHONE expects a bright future as a project that many people will inevitably love (considering the number of questions and the level of interest at this point).


In short, BLUEPHONE is a smartphone device that has wallets for Teloscoin (TELOS), Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) and some more, has the power of mining cryptocurrencies and efficient transactions with the normal use of all the features of the phone itself such as calls, sms, taking pictures …

BLUEPHONE is a true passive income mobile device.

Developer Edition Performance:

  • 8 Core ARM CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB Storage expandable via MicroSD
  • 6.1” display
  • Camera Front 5 Mp / Rear 13 Mp
  • File encryption of all user data
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • AEROS-OS mobile Edition

About AEROS-OS operating system

AEROS-OS is a hybrid distribution of Linux and AROS developed by Pascal Papara. Android is nothing more than a commercial Linux fork enhanced with closed source libraries and drivers. Google and Apple prohibit mining and hosting of masternodes on their systems. AEROS-OS mobile Edition with mining and staking coins will be allowed and with Desktop / Mobile mode on BLUEPHONE. BitcoinSubsidium Mining “On the Go” will coexist with Android on BLUEPHONE.

It is licensed on number #193. on OpenInvitationNetwork as Ares Computer Shop (AEROS):

Supported coins for Developer Edition:

– Bitcoin Subsidium — XBTX(mining)
– Verium (mining)
– Telos (staking)
– Pivx (staking)
– Bir (staking)

Other cryptocurrencies are likely to be supported in the future.

“On the Go” Device

BLUEPHONE will actually be a BLUEBOX on-the-go device. All mining operations will be performed practically in your pocket or while surfing the Internet, and the mined cryptocurrencies will be automatically placed in the installed wallets available immediately.

The mining pool used by BLUEBOX for Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) mining will also be common to BLUEPHONE devices.


Meshed-Network is a particularly interesting service that BLUEPHONE users will have. Namely, it is a technology that enables mobile users to offer their internet on a smartphone via Wi-Fi hot-spot offers. Transcendence are going to build their own Meshed-Network and users will be able to offer their mobile net to the environment for a small fee.

How to reach BLUEPHONE?

The development version will be limited to 1000 units and 2 per user. The price may include Telos masternodes hard-bound to the phone where 20% of rewards are sent to Transcendence via Multisend.

Pre-orders will be opened soon and only Teloscoin (TELOS) will be accepted as a payment method.

Transcendence developers have decided to make BLUEPHONE the most cheap on the market and accessible to anyone who wants the mobile device described above.

For all info visit and join Transcendence Discord for all questions.

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