Play games & earn Teloscoin — Successfully presented on famous GamesCom 2019

Note: This article is originally published at Aug 26, 2019.

Each of us remembers the golden age of video games when consoles were the most dominant in the gaming world. Today we call them retro games and retro consoles. Many of them have been revised. Many well-known companies are back in the game and there are relatively new concepts that have already caught the attention of retro-loving audiences.

The combination of modern and retro was inevitable, and one of the first who realized it was Pascal Papara. Very active in the Amiga community, his creations like the AEROS operating system ( are already well known to the gaming communities. AEROS is a hybrid distribution of AROS ( and Linux. He talked about all these things in an interview with “oldschoolgameblog” back in 2015:Interview with Pascal Papara: The Author of AEROS

If you want interesting and extensive details that will bring you closer to all aspects of what Pascal deals with, read his kickstarter campaign about indieGO all in one retro game console:

Retro gaming & Crypto world

By entering into the world of cryptocurrency and founding the Transcendence blockchain, additional opportunities and ideas have opened up for the fusion of two spheres, crypto and gaming.

Pascal recognized this and worked side by side on an update to his AEROS operating system, as well as all the software details that allow gamers to have multiple enjoyments, that is while playing favorite games, in the background, earns cryptocurrencies.

If you mentioned this opportunity to anyone back in the ’90s, they would probably think you were crazy, but blockchain technology also brings this opportunity as one of its possibilities. And with AEROS-OS this has become a reality.

Powered indieGO Retro console

This console lets you play games using over 60 different retro systems with new game titles. In addition, the console lets you earn Teloscoin or Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) in the background while playing your favorite games.

Powered indieGO Retro console was introduced at the famous GamesCom 2019 event. Visitors have been able to get acquainted with the functionality of the console itself as well as get a taste of the various games the console has to offer.

Involvement on GamesCom 2019

As an active member of Amiga community Pascal has been invited as one of the presenters to explain the new indieGO XS and the Classic Version to retro gamers. He is invited under company Amiga Future.

Amiga fans were very interested in hearing about the AEROS operating system since it was based on the open-source re-implementation of the AmigaOS Commodore.

At GamesCom, Pascal introduced game AppStore, and introduced the passive income details by using the TELOS or XBTX wallet in the background while playing a favourite game.

Transcendence Review

In just one week, two big developments happened for Transcendence blockchain, a visit to London and Aeguana, where an agreement to implement TELOS and Bitcoin Subsidium in vending machines worldwide was made and attending to GamesCom 2019, presenting Powered indieGO Retro console with the help of which you can passively earn TELOS or XBTX while playing games.

Confidently, the development of the Transcendence blockchain and all related projects takes on a large dimension. Recognition in the cryptocurrency world is just one of the goals that has been achieved. The pursuit of high goals has only just begun.

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