GREENBOX reduces CO2 emission and offers passive income as a stimulation

Note: Article published at July 30, 2020.

Now you can order GREENBOX device and enjoy in all benefits. It allows users to earn rewards for the authentication of transactions on Transcendence blockchain.

Greenbox makes earning crypto easy and allows users to support climate projects with a percentage of earning. Greenbox is capable to reduce CO2 emissions because it mine tokens without wasting too much energy but also provide passive income as motivation. It can act as a masternode host and Proof of Storage will be added soon.

Earnings generated with Greenbox can be converted to CO2 certificates. This is how you can reduce global CO2 emissions as long as the Greenbox is running. Compensate and prevent CO2, compared to a Bitcoin Miner, and getting paid for keeping different Blockchains up and running was never more profitable.

The higher priced models of Greenbox starting at 10k Euro and require an AML-NOW Account. Management of the Greenboxes works over mobile App, but it is not all.

The upcoming Greenbox Mobile app will also allow existing Bluebox owners to manage their boxes on android and iOS devices.

Existing Bluebox owners can request one voucher code granting 20% discount on the first order of Greenboxes.

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