BITDORADO explained their Standard, Convertible and “Token of choice” pool

Note: Article published at May 5, 2020.

Bitdorado platform although young, offers many services for people interested in cryptocurrency. This platform offer a high variety of coin pools which can be run standalone for single coin or can be combined with several other available tokens.

Crypto Angels

The Bitdorado crypto angels are group of Blockchain projects which are listed on Bitdorado and support project, which is a charity for a monthly basic income. Partners of Bitdorado strongly support demand for social responsibility.

IEO Platform

IEO Bitdorado platform offers possibility for other projects to collect funds for their projects/use cases and get support by Bitdorado for sale of their tokens and infrastructure.

OTC desk & DEX

Bitdorado offers an in exchange OTC for many crypto assets. Also decentralized trading exchange:

Standard — Single coin pool

This means user make deposit in one cryptocurrency and get rewards also in same currency. Standard Bitdorado pool is available for the most of listed tokens. User get his rewards from several sources like masternodes, staking, trading or shared nodes.

Convertible pools

Bitdorado convertible pools are cross chain pool solutions which can be run as two coin pair input and a “token of choice” reward output mechanism.

“Token of choice”

Customer can invest by holding coin pair input and get rewards in a “token of choice” reward mechanism.

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