BITDORADO Edition devices comparison and prices

Note: Article published at February 18, 2020. is the next generation of crypto marketplace offering its future users top-notch benefits. In addition to classic trading options, crypto exchanges that we know of have offered nothing more than that, however has gone a few big steps further.

Big steps require detailed preparation, so even though is still in the finalization phase, it has offered users several options already.

Transcendence blockchain is already known for its Bluebox ( and Piggybank devices. Bitdorado versions of these devices have also been created through which users can mine, stake or host masternode.

Bitdorado edition devices comparison

Piggybank 3.0, Bluebox Gold and Bluebox Pro are devices from Bitdorado edition. Comparing to non Bitdorado edition they have some benefits and more options.

  • Piggybank 3.0 has Bitdorado pool membership.
  • With Bluebox Gold there is no 100k Telos masternode but XBTX mining as well as Bitdorado pool membership.
  • Bluebox Pro is a device with all the options.

Bitdorado edition product is a member of the which grants you access to exclusive advantages and discounts on future offers.

One more excellent option is Bitdorado pool designed as huge pool of coins where user receive rewards which will be mined by

Price comparison are shown on picture below. As mentioned Bitdorado edition devices have advantages and grant access to future offers from But if you want to enjoy all benefits and options Bluebox pro might be good choice to join Bitdorado family.

You can buy Bitdorado edition devices on:

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