BiKi Lists Environment Saving Multipurpose Token TELOS

On 27 December 2019, BiKi will officially list Transcendence Network Token (TELOS). TELOS is a PoS token where people can gain revenue by contributing to the network (without the high energy demand of Bitcoin). TELOS has seen a steady growth in value and the has one of the most use cases of any masternode based coin in the blockchain industry.

TELOS strives to be a multipurpose token. The team is currently working on decentralization of Amicloud Cloud Storage ( which will become part of the TELOS wallet. Files will be stored in a P2P network while links to specific documents will be stored as payload on the TELOS chain.

Transcendence has a loyal group of over 3500 token holders who support them with several platform-based projects. These include:

  • Social projects like which will go live in 2020 to provide an AI financed basic income.
  • group which is helping people around the globe.
  • , a legal Marketplace which allows people to sell old and new goods to earn crypto.
  • A video platform where creators can freely discuss crypto-related content.

Transcendence also values community opinions as any annual update to the wallet is based on a voting on

TELOS strives to be the only token a person ever needs. “There are no boundaries.” Says CEO of Transcendence, Pascal Papara. In fact, as of 23rd of December users can deposit TELOS into Transcendence Limited Edition Epay Mastercard to spend it virtually everywhere. This is an important step to make cryptocurrencies usable in the real world, similar to BiKi’s goals of Bringing Crypto to the Mainstream.

When asked why someone will choose TELOS, the CEO replied, “It is more a question about “When” someone chooses TELOS. The early bird catches the worm. We are not here to stay a niche coin. We already “merged” other projects into us and we will continue this Pac-Man strategy in developing. Technically, we provide with a free operating system for low power and more importantly, low-cost devices like Raspberry Pi, for better opportunities for those in the lower income bracket.”

“We believe that BiKi will help us to reach a larger Asian blockchain community with great ideas and motivation to change things to the good for everyone. BiKi is very professional since meeting them in Malta from day 1.” continued Papara.

“As our mission is to help projects grow, we want to fulfil Transcendence (TELOS)’ s dream to double their Asian community by breaking down barriers of communication and entry.” Says Ethan Ng, Southeast Asia CEO of BiKi Exchange. “They have a wide variety of projects and a high potential for the token to have a multitude of uses, suitable for any kind of token holder from the gamer to the eco-savvy.”

January 2020 is a month token holder can anticipate greatly. Currently, Transcendence is working on a device to help crypto miners go green, Greenbox, to fight CO2 emissions from mining rigs, with an estimated delivery of first batch on 21th of January 2020. Not one to rest on its laurels, the company will also open the public beta of CryptoMages Trading Card Game in January as well. Finally, in January token holders can spend TELOS on vending machines from, as well as buy vouchers using TELOS in the PolisPay app available from Android and iOS, further encouraging mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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