AML-NOW verification tutorial (Do KYC, expect AML tokens and more benefits)

Note: Article published at April 3, 2020.

AML-NOW is a universal KYC service that offers a wide range of benefits to its users. One of the good things is that AML-NOW will be implemented in many services. This means users will be able to do KYC once for many many services and to not be bored doing KYC everytime. Users also have the option to use the AML token.

If you still don’t know anything about AML-NOW, we recommend that you read the following two articles before deciding to begin registration and verification:

In recent days, Transcendence blockchain is working to complete its BITDORADO exchange. First AML-NOW partner is BITDORADO exchange. Users can now register for the BITDORADO exchange, but they must first do KYC on AML-NOW.

To use BITDORADO exchange users must do KYC. As mentioned it can be done through AML-NOW but with awesome options during KYC process where users can get AML tokens if pay 1000 TELOS coins.

How to do KYC on AML-NOW (Tutorial):

Step 1: Start KYC

Go to AML-NOW.EU and follow on screen directions.

Step 2: Account information

Enter your First and last name, email, password and birth date.

Step 3: Contact information

This is phone number contact. You should choose your country and enter your mobile phone number. If you make mistake you will have chance to enter/edit phone number in your dashboard after KYC completing.

Step 4: Basic information

This is basic information about your place of residency. Fill it correctly.

Step 5: Photo ID proof

For this step you need to prepare your documents. It can be national ID, passport or driver license (valid of course). Take a photo of front and back of your document and one more photo of yourself holding paper with document, today’s date and ‘For AML-NOW’ written on paper.

Step 6: Address proof

For this step you will need something like electricity bill, telephone bill or some other bill with your address.

Step 7: Complete KYC

In this step you need to send 1000 TELOSCOINS to address shown and paste txID of transaction. After this step you will be able to login to your AML-NOW dashboard.

There in dashboard you can see all steps and if they are all green you just need to wait for your KYC to be approved.

Good to know about AML tokens, it can be bought only with TELOS or XBTX. Anyway people interested to buy AML tokens with fiat first must buy TELOS or XBTX and than buy AML tokens.

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