— Why crypto based web shops will overcome traditional web shops

Note: This post is originally published at Jun 24, 2019.

Online shopping is a form of online commerce that enables direct purchase of goods or services from a vendor over the Internet using a web browser. Ever since 1979, the pioneer of the online commerce, English entrepreneur Michael Aldrich, made a system between TVs and computers for real-time transaction processing over the phone line.

In March 1980, he started the so-called office revolution that has enabled consumers, clients, agents, distributors, suppliers and service companies to connect online with corporate systems and provide real-time electronic transactions.

If we compare the described beginning of the online commerce with the Internet trade that we know of today, we will notice the differences that do not suggest us in any way that everything started with the connection of the TV and telephone lines with the processing computer.

The reason for this is in the enormous changes that have occurred in technologies. It’s so different that the only term that binds these two seasons is — trade.

If we take all this into consideration, we can easily conclude that there is a permanent and continuous improvement of the online trading system. It always goes in one direction — to ease and speed up the buying and selling process.

The ultimate goal is to deliver goods or services as soon as possible from the moment of purchase, and on the other hand that the transaction in which the customer paid the goods or service is so fast that the seller immediately has the resources available. In this way, the whole process is accelerated for mutual benefit.

Why are crypto web shops more efficient than classic ones?

When we talk about online payment methods, we can find a wide range of options. Depending on the country, some online shops offer a home currency option, as well as a dollar or an euro. Many people do not even know that online shopping requires a bank account, debit card, or internet payment cards with funds to buy.

How did solve these issues? is an online store where you can buy or sell a product or service for a cryptocurrency named Teloscoin (TELOS). This is one of many projects from Transcendence blockchain.

By establishing a series of simple rules with the help of blockchain technology this online shop gave an example of efficient business.

Quotation of the Kryptobay founder:
“Kryptobay is targeted to everyone interested in cryptocurrency but lacking the money to buy some. Just sell your used stuff or be creative and sell something you produce by your self and earn Telos. You will be able to sell and buy used / refurbished and new products. The listing fee is small (just 50 Telos) which makes selling on Kryptobay possible for small pockets.”

If you want to sell something, simply create an account and place an ad with photos and a description of what you are selling. This includes the rules on goods and services that can be placed as a sales ad, regulated by Kryptobay.

If someone buys something from you, you will be paid into Teloscoin (TELOS) cryptocurrency, in the amount that you have specified to be product / service price.

If you want to buy something on you need to have a certain amount of Teloscoin (TELOS) cryptocurrencies. Open an account at the web shop, buy the desired product and pay in Teloscoin crypocurrency. Simple and easy. is a registered company in Germany, trusted by number of sellers and customers. Facts that confirm this are the various products that you can find there.




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