Bitcoin Subsidium is born! POS and mining benefits for Bluebox owners

Note: This article is originally published at Jun 17, 2019.

Every time we mention Bluebox we remember Steve Jobs and his student days when he “played” with this device. In the world of cryptocurrencies, the Bluebox device is a creation of the Transcendence Blockchain team. It has a number of functions, unique only to this device, and to the benefit of all those who own it.

How Bluebox is made?

In December 2018, the founder of the Transcendence Blockchain Pascal Papara announced Bluebox as a device that would completely change the picture when it comes to POS cryptocurrencies. Soon afterward, at the beginning of Hicks’ 2019, the interest in this device grew — the first batch of blueboxes has been ordered.

It is designed as a POS device, which means it is able to host masternodes, “mine” coins using OpenCL as one version of POW or Proof Of Computing but also uses Proof Of Storage with additional hard drives.

Bluebox VS Antminer

Bluebox is the only universal device capable of carrying out multiple operations in order to acquire cryptocurrencies that can be found on the market, by now.

You can order it simply on the official website At this point, the second batch has already been finished and the next batch will be launched soon.

So far, the Bluebox has hosted mainly Teloscoin master nodes. The owners didn’t hide the delight with the device capable of hosting even 64 TELOS Nodes. But from now on, they will have one more advantage — Bitcoin Subsidium XBTX!

What is Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX)?

Bitcoin Subsidium is a currency complementary to Teloscoin. It is meant to represent some kind of “gold reserve” of Telos, and it is a mining coin. Technically, both currencies, Telos and Bitcoin Subsidium belong to the Transcendence project, so it is planned in the next stages that both be classified in the so-called Transcendence dashboard.

This means that Bitcoin Subsidium (XBTX) can be mined using the mentioned OpenCL who owns the Bluebox. It is predicted that in the future it will be attractive to the miners, especially the anti-ASIC fraction of the miners. That’s a piece of really great news for all existing and future Bluebox owners.

It is worth mentioning that after starting of XBTX, especially after completing of the second pre-deployment phase, called community pre-mine, Bitcoin Subsidium will be able to swap as a pair TELOS / XBTX. A swap between XBTX and TELOS will be possible with a ratio of 100 TELOS to 1 XBTX.

XBTX Specifications:
– Algorithm: X16r
– Halving: every 4 years
– Block time: 1 minute
– 5 coins per block
– max supply
– Mineable with cpu and gpu (OpenCL) — 100% mining

Bitcoin Subsidium allows everyone to create own tokens covered by the XBTX chain. This means companies and individuals will have ability to create own assets without any knowledge by spending XBTX and benefit of the security provided by the XBTX Network.

Whitepaper can be found on following link where you can read about very interesting roadmap planned for 2019. year.

XBTS Whitepaper:

Bluebox VS Bitcoin Subsidium benefits

We get to the most important information. The pre-mining of the Bitcoin Subsidium has already begun!

At this point, XBTX can not be purchased or acquired in any other way. The only way you can come to this coin right now is that you own the Bluebox.

The pre-mine is planned to last about 3 months so many Bluebox owners have decided to choose this option while hosted masters nodes pause. But it should be noted that Bluebox is capable of doing both things simultaneously.

Bitcoin Subsidium Wallet

Transactions can be tracked by an explorer, but thanks to the transparency of the Transcendence team the Android wallet is already in use.

It can be downloaded to the Google Play Store on the link:


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